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Nobuko Yuasa Baroque & Renaissance Dance 湯浅宣子 Nobuko Yuasa (ルネサンス・バロックダンス)
Nobuko Yuasa graduated from Rikkyo University in Tokyo, where she learned music at Church Music School of Anglican-Episcopal Church of Japan and was the member of the choir. She later learned playing organ at Okayama Catholic Church.
She studied Renaissance dance with Peggy Dixon and Diana Cruickshank, Baroque dance with Philippa Waite in the U.K. She developed her study of Baroque dance also in the U.S.A. with Ken Pierce, Thomas Baird and Paige Whitley-Bauguess, in Spain with Ana Yepes, and in the U.K. with Barbara Segal. In France she furthered her study in Commedia dell’Arte with Sally Borden. Today she dances in many venues outside of Japan in various concerts such as Rostiboli Renaissance Dance in the U.K., where she is invited every year, and International Baroque Institute at Longy in USA.
Domestically she organizes concerts in various cities in Japan, some of which feature guest foreign performers such as Consort de Dance Baroque(UK), Trio Nitetis (France), and travel through major cities in Japan, also herself is invited from varied organizers in many cities from Tokyo to Fukuoka.

While she organizes concerts and workshops where she dances, she is also engaged in teaching the early dance. Besides her regular classes in Okayama, Kobe and Nagoya, she teaches Baroque dance for Elizabeth Music University in Hiroshima, for the musical department of Okayama Jyoto High-school, for Harpsichord course at Himeji Parnassus Hall regularly, and for various workshops for the musicians such as Early Music Company in Osaka. Recently she launched “English Country Dance Ball” twice a year in Osaka and “Baroque Dance Basic Course” in Nagoya.
She has also choreographed historical dances for stages and classes.
In her entire career as a dancer, all the historical and non-historical costumes for the dance have been created and handmade by herself, based on a thorough independent study on the costume and the history. She worked for kids and teenagers musical more than ten years as costume designer and choreographer.
She is the editorial supervisor and producer of the CD “Santiago de Murcia: French Dances Music for the Spanish Court.” (2008)
In 2008 she was awarded “Okayama Prefecture Art and Cultural Prize.”
She is the member of Early Dance Circle (UK), European Dance Historian Association, and also runs Okayama Early Dance Society.
She stayed in Cambridge, in the U.K., for a year in 2013-2014 and extended the knowledge and experience on historical dance and various folk dances.

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